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Unparalleled Performance

The Heritage Custom Homes team is devoted to building the homes customers want. Texas’ most skilled & respected architects, interior designers, engineers, trade professionals & artisans collaborate to deliver fine, custom homes that can be enjoyed for generations.

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Unfettered Access

Heritage Custom Homes understands that customers want the freedom and flexibility to build the home they want, where they want it and that they want a builder who truly listens. Our passion is to create unique, functional architecture that reflects the heart, lifestyle, and design choices of its owners.

Each customer has access to Heritage Homes’ leadership throughout the design and build process with the assurance that they are heard.

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Available Homes

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There is a belief among home buyers that you will just know  your home when you see it. We think you will know it when you see our homes. Everyone has their own unique, personal ideas and thoughts about what a home should be; what it should look like, what it should feel  like. At Heritage Homes, we work with you to bring your ideas and thoughts to life. Being a custom home builder gives us the ability and flexibility to incorporate your ideas into the home we build.

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Heritage Homes is a truly custom home builder. We build our homes throughout the NE Tarrant County/North Texas area. We frequently have special custom homes available to move-in or available lots in specially selected communities – ready to build your new custom home.

If you have land you want to build on, contact us about getting started with a new custom home on your own lot.

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Heritage Homes offers homeowners a chance to work with the finest professionals in the home-building industry. We engage some of the finest architects and new home professionals to ensure our buyers get exactly what they want. Our people are hard-working, dedicated and experienced.

Meet the Team

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Meet John Webb

For more than 20 years, John Webb has led the residential construction industry with integrity, quality and straight-forward communication. As President of Heritage Homes, John unites specialized craftsmen, skilled artisans and proven masters of design and architecture to create each home. John is a zealous advocate for his client’s vision and interests, guiding the details that ensure each home achieves integrity of design with incomparable quality.

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