Dear Dr. R,

Congratulations on starting your new home!

We had a wonderful experience working with John, Betty and the Heritage team!

John is very knowledgeable, a great ‘listener’, easy to work with, follows through on commitments and builds beautiful homes!  Since, we were just moving, from Colleyville, to Southlake, I was able to observe, the ‘build’ process, almost daily.   Watching someone, ‘at work’ tells you a lot about the man.  I really appreciated the way John treated his subs-contractors, always with dignity and respect!

You’ll find no matter how many times you go over ‘plans’, you’ll see things, once you start framing that you’d like to change.  John, was always ready to make those changes.

Betty, is super-efficient, and responsive.  She has a very good ‘eye’, particularly, in the ‘finishing’ aspects, of your home!

I was a ‘corporate’ vagabond, during my business career, so we moved a lot!  We built, or bought, several new homes.  So we have a lot of experience with Builders.  John would be on the top of our list, one of the best, we’ve worked with.