It hardly seems possible, that a year has gone by, since we first met to discuss building our new home. You all, have been a joy to work with!!!

You each bring your unique skills & personalities, into the ‘mix’, of Heritage Homes. From my perspective, the resulting ‘blend’– ‘the whole is greater, than the sum of the parts’! John you should be proud of that, as it reflects, on your leadership!!

The design, spacing, flow, functionality, workmanship, aesthetics of our home, is exactly what we hoped it would be!! We are deeply thankful, to each of you!!

Building a home is a journey, that increases in interest, and intensity, as you move toward that day of ‘handing’ over the keys!! You move in, and all the: ‘Can we change this’, ‘What about that’, ‘Did you make that selection’…..texts/calls/visits—fade, into the past! I certainly hope we can continue the friendships we established over this past year!

The Berchers